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James N.

I actually find the info you post more fascinating than stripers and other big-game fish.

Before I would have called smelt a shiner or minnow and just popped it on my hook without any further thought - they have a lot more majesty than I'd ever give them credit for and I've found constant amusement in the bullhead debate.

I thoroughly enjoy your go with the flow writing. It's a real adventure filled with nuggets of info, humor, and tangents that have caused me to read more than a few Wikipedia pages (heck, I've made a Dengue Fever pandora station just to sample more of their music.)

Since your tour my friends and I have caught crabs, clams, and nothing at all - but each time we've learned something and it's constantly reinforced by the wisdom you provide here and in your email. We've had an awesome time learning and exploring this area, using the info and clues you've provided to make each weekend an adventure.

Keep up the good work and good luck - I'm sure you'll have a picture with more stripes than Pepe soon enough!


Nice save, Lombard! I see fresh fish fillets in the fridge...I'll call off the lawyers.
; )

Patrick Pickerell

Great read. You can go for hali's on my boat anytime. Berth G2 P39.

Scott Parker

I haven't been commenting as much as I usually do, but it doesn't mean I haven't been reading your posts. I have to agree with James N. from above. Bigger fillets may be nice once in a while but it's only because of your efforts here on bringing some light to species typically hidden in the dark (usually at the bottom of the sea attached to a hook) that I realized how much I was missing out on some of the great sustainable, fresh, LOCAL, delicious, and in general massively underappreciated wonders we would typically not deign as edibles of any merit.

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