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"Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly" -- I try to keep that in all of my pursuits. Unfortunately I'm not at the rule-breaking stage with fishing :)


Kirk, you are now, and always have been, and always shall be, one of my heroes. Fantastic post.


I never did get to hear you play Mawson's Will live.

Northern Boy

Call me a liar Mr MFE, but I have honestly poked out eels at any and all tides, high and low, big and small. As a naive young(er) fisherman I used to think lots of water was required to poke for rock dwellers. I only started favouring low tides because I eventually discovered they meant I could simply stroll across the sandy flats to my favourite jetty spot rather than hop along miles of guano-encrusted boulders.

I cannot accept your hair-raiser challenge, as I have the upper body strength of a sparrow and will thus be humiliated.

I too enjoy the rambles. More!

Scott Parker

Kirk, fantastic post! It's been a while since you have had the time (or inspiration?) to sit down and compose something like this for us, and I'm glad you did! Perhaps I'll try poking regardless of the tide on one of my next trips out to the San Mateo coastline (although I've never actually poked before so it will be a first for me in more ways than one!).

Eric B

Ramblin' posts are the best.

There's something about Monkeyface Eels I've wondered about for awhile now: If they are vegetarians, why do they go for the squid? I wonder if they'd bite a bare hook, or one tied with green yarn?


Superlative post- the art, the music (cambodian Stan! Little Walter!), the history, the fishing... what more could one ask for? Keep up the great work!

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