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Scott Parker

Okay, I recognize the Goblin Shark and the Geoduck, but what kind of beastie is the second picture?

Okay the original version of the list was fish that would make ME watch a show... had to revise to what I think would interest the typical once a year fisherman...

Won't go into the obvious sportfishes (Tuna, Salmon, etc) or the too obvious exotics (Oarfish, sunfish). What is left that fishing shows have majorly overlooked?

Golden Trout - I doubt that many, other than fishers, even reailze
there is such a species. I had never heard of this species
before I started fishing myself.
Sea Urchin
Sarcastic Fringehead

Hmm. This is a connundrum. Does this need to focus only on fish that are targetable for fishing purposes, or just bizzarre/interesting/underrepresented fish in general?


Baitfish! For pets or meats.

Patrick P

Kite fishing for Striped bass in the delta

Northern Boy

A big blue Lingcod would definitely tick all those boxes, especially if caught as a hitch hiker.




I cast my vote for bowfin


... (that's Amia calva, btw)

bob a

look into the hawaiian fugu eaters. years ago i talked to a guy on the big island who told me about some local dudes who were spearfishing and sashimi-ing the local blowfish. it's a mashup of foraging and russian roulette.

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