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Scott Parker

Good on you! This kind of thing is just unconscionable... is there an option to get a turban snail commercial license? It makes me wonder where all the snails you see in Marina Foods or Ranch 99 are coming from...


The sign in the HMB fish store seems to say "Fresh King Salmon", but at least one of those whole fish look like Atlantic (big spots on head and jaw)?



After several bad fish experiences, I gave up on the HMB Fish Market many years ago. Since then, it's either been self-caught or bought right off the boat in Princeton. It's good to see there are more options now, and I guess I need to start looking harder.

On another note, while pokepoling a secret spot south of HMB a few weeks ago, I spotted a group of 4 ripping & tearing limpets. After chatting briefly with one of them I figured they clearly knew they were breaking the regs. I personally never take more than a handful of limpets at a time, and was absolutely pissed that these guys were wrecking "my" spot. Called DFG when I got back to the truck, thinking the poachers would be long gone. A warden happened to be less than 5 minutes away. He busted these pigs with 250 limpets and over 600 snails. Win one for the good guys, and how to make friends with your local warden all in one shot!

Scott Parker

Hmm. Does it seem like there is more of this type of activity going on now than in the past? Or is there just a much larger market for poached limpets and snails than we ever realized?

As an aside, wouldn't the shellfish quarantine make these inherently unsafe for consumption at this time?


I'm no longer filleting rockfish under 15 inches, ever since I had one steamed whole and served with some sauce. They have a great, delicate flavor that gets lost when you filet/fry them. Best thing is the bones come right off and you get much more meat than if you just filet it (especially those cheeks!)

As far as local fish goes, I kind of prefer that most fish bought comes from other places. It keeps pressure off of local stocks, and makes recreational fishing that much more valuable. I think it speaks more to the ignorance of the consumer that local fish isn't demanded though. I was up in Seattle recently and discovered how important local fish is to people up there. It still doesn't make up the majority of fish at a given market, but it's very well labeled and I overheard people asking about it in almost every fish market I visited.

Chris Xiong

Busted. Actually, I'm surprised at how close they were to you guys... not exactly ninja-stealth were they. That black market seafood trade is something that most people don't realize is going on along our shores. Good to know that fish n game caught up to them before they got away.

As for whole fish, heck yea! Every fish has a distinct flavor and texture that's suited for a certain dish. I love my fish n chips and fish tacos, but I love a whole steamed rockfish too.


Scott, yes one could legally commercially collect tidal invertebrates, though that kinda negates the whole point of poaching. Commercial fishermen have to operate under a slew of regulations in CA and pay a whole bunch of fees - poachers do not have to concern themselves with any of the above. Hey "at least they ate em", right?

Good work Kirk, happy to see everything working out well for ya.

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