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I knew a guy by the handle Ghetto Booty. He took fishing and documenting the process for others to new heights. You, Lombard of the Intertidal are doing an inspirational job of evolving that process into an art form. Lucky Bastard. Keep up the good work.

david k

An experiment that's gone horribly wrong!

Scott P

I was kind of surprised to learn that people use flies to fish for not just perch but tuna, white sea bass, and marlin to name a few. I can't imagine why you couldn't use it for Rockfish as well, I think that some of the same flies used for bass would work (in particular flies that resemble fish or squid).


A classic story about flyfishing for herring



You're back in the saddle, dude! Props to Camilladilla for her musical & photographic contributions.

My home-boy Juan in Michigan has difficulty with the comment-posting function on yer site (probably has something to do with the poor internet connection he has, living off a dirt road in a National Forest; I dunno), so I will toss in his two-cents-worth as well: he says he enjoyed the creativity of this post.

Looking forward to more spawning herring videos in the days to "cum"!

Scott P

Do you still keep in touch with Mark Won? You have linked to his site in the past... Any chance of maybe a surf/oceanic fly-fishing tour/class/seminar? That would be just grand...

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