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This kind of crap get's my blood boiling. Mikey should have rammed them like Picard did in Star Trek Nemesis.


Posted on BD Norcal!

Suns o Bitches!

I feel your pain.




Not sure if this will help but....https://www.dmv.ca.gov/faq/genfaq.htm#BM2547


Look under....How to get a copy of someone else's driver license, ID card, vehicle or vessel record


I remember in the 80's at Pacific pier getting a knife pulled on me when I hooked a big salmon which grabbed a couple of other bobbers. Seems like several of the pier denizens were claiming they actually hooked the fish. Caltip. Do not engage these guys on the water. Maybe you will get lucky and the DFG boat over at the Fitzgerald MLPA can put down his donut, come over and check these guys out.


To my buddy Kirk... THAT SUCKS!


Oh, the report made it to Fullspeed.


You're missing the two alphas after the numbers.


Keep this going. Stop these guys.


Yeah... unfortunately those are the numbers Mikey got.


Northern Boy

You're onto a good thing with the red rock crabs - IMHO they taste better than Dungies, sweeter and meatier at the same time.

The brown rock crabs don't get big enough to make it worthwhile.

david k

The fargin bastages!

Scott P

Wow. That is simply unbelieveable, not only because of the complete lack of ethics but just the plain and simple rudeness of it... How could they possibly claim that they are "Doing you a favor" when they have absolutely NO IDEA why you have a cage in the water or what you are trying to catch? You could be a biologist doing a survey (Can you imagine if that WAS the case?) of the Red Rock Crab population... Wow, just thinking if that happened in an official DFG biomass survey used for determining limits... What asshats.

Chinnu Xiong

Just posted this on PFIC, hope these guys go down


I foresee a boating accident involving a white Arima. Its propeller gets fouled by a crab pot line, and the powerless boat is capsized by a big swell.

Cap'n Chunk

this smacks of piracy to me. your pots are marked with your vessel number, no? isn't this the same as taking from your vessel? what laws are on the books about piracy today? as far as the bold face of the criminal is concerned, that becomes standard practice with experience. it reminds me of the first time our house was being robbed and we came home from church to catch them. one guy sauntered out to our car to say he is waiting for "Tony". we saw his two accomplices trying to put our pilfered belongings out of sight . our station wagon emptied and we chased the two carrying our stuff and managed to whack on one of them with a hunk of 2x4 but they all escaped- we were just kids after all. the point is, criminals are criminals; the don't necessarily run- they may try and buffalo you or they may be violent. they will obscure their vehicle id to help avoid detection. if it happens again, i suggest a flare gun misfire accident. it just so happened to take out someone/thing on the offending vessel.

I will never understand thieving SOBs. i hope they rot painfully.

cap'n chunk


Please take a photo of the offending boat next time to avoid incomplete information or confusion.

A CF Number is usually of the Syntax: CF (space) 4 numbers (space) 2 Aplha characters.

I fish on a white Arima 19 foot Sea Chaser that regularly fishes out of HMB. Our CF numbers are close to what you indicate, but not exactly what you typed.

We have NEVER pulled anyone else's pots, and NEVER will.

Again, photo's please, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Partial information can cause confusion and others may act with poor or incomplete information.




With all due respect to your being upset about your pots being raided, I'd like to be very clear, the boat I fish on is not CF 8921 xx.

It does have a CF number with 2 digits matching those digits, and is a white Arima 19 foot Sea Chaser.

We have never pulled anyone else's pots. Hence we are not the boat you are looking for. I am not nervous.

You can call all the BS you want.

I am only asking for caution on being correct in your communications, as your website is a valuable information source, and I would like to see it's information be correct and complete.

If you can provide any additional information on the Arima you are after, I would also be happy to help find that culprit.

I too have lost pots this season, and have had pots move that did not look as if kelp dragged them, more a look of being checked by someone else.



Okay... i get it. Sorry. Not looking for a witch hunt here. You're right. As soon as I get a photo I will post it. But until then I'm going with the only info I have: a partial cf number. I appreciate your calmness. I will remove my earlier not-so-calm response.



Yesterday, a buddy and I went crabbing/fishing near the pillar point jetties with our kayaks. We decided to drop the crab traps and head off to the green buoy to do some fishing. After a couple hours of soaking, we headed back and finally pulled our crab traps (we had 4 among the both of us.)

Among the first three crab traps pulled, we had a total of six small rock and dungeness crabs. On the fourth trap we pulled, we had a total of 7 legal dungies - this trap, unlike the three other traps, was placed further away from the south jetty.

With fresh bait, perfectly working crab traps, everything just seemed a little off. Only six small crabs in three crab traps baited with fresh fatty mackerel, chicken, and other various fish carcasses??? I've done consistently better with 1/4 - 1 hour long soaks in the past. Within 1 1/2 hours after I had pulled the traps, I was able to catch several legal dungies and red rocks using the same old bait and dropping them in the same location.

Your post has got me really thinking about how I could've been a victim of the crab thieves. It would be great if the DFG or local authorities set up some type of 'on the water' sting operation to catch these scumbags. With the jetty being so close to where the suspected crab thieves are raiding our traps, we could use binoculars or other high tech gadgets to provide more than enough evidence to convict, or at the least, humiliate them.


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