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Jeff Hipon

I'll let you borrow my GoPro camera, but you may need a light.

Simone Gambler

Mmmm, those are very huge crabs. They're better when cooked with coconut milk and other spices. Just be careful in eating them because they are very rich in cholesterol. When is the best time for catching those crabs anyway?

Northern Boy

Great stuff Kirk, red rock crabs are the Food of Kings

I have always wanted to leave a waterproof camera in a hoop net bait cage - it would be fab footage if you could get it. For the light you could always try a glowstick, they would illuminate the net for long enough and might even attract some additional visitors. You don't need a GoPro either, saltwaterproof cameras are pretty cheap these days.

Chinnu Xiong

There's a decent sized market down here for rock crabs. I see guys sellin them at the farmer's market and our saturday fisherman's market. Plus you get business when dungies go out of season.


There is a pretty big rock crab fishery in Santa Barbara. Guys bring in 800-1200 pounds a trip on a regular basis. They also target kellets whelks with the same traps. I dont know much about the traps but they do well.

Ben Fishin

I know that beard & afro....that looks like my boy Mikey D!!! Mikey saved my life on the slopes one day. good to see him


What about keeping the smaller keepers till they molt and marketing them as pacific soft shell crab? Always wondered if theyd be good and a 4 or 5 incher seems to be a good sandwich size crab.

fishing rods

If they are anything like the Florida Stone Crab (they look alot like them) you could look at those traps. They are wooden or plastic with concrete bottoms.
Hope that helps.

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