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david k

Glad to see someone was there. As usual I missed out :(


Where's Champion de la Banana? ;-)

Shad spawn's coming to the Potomac watershed in a coupla months or so, maybe three ... wish I could toss a net like that into the orgy that usually ensues beneath the M Street Bridge over Rock Creek, but only rods and reels are permitted ... the restriction's a good thing, though, as that particular breeding group is still recovering from the time some asshole contractor dumped a truck load of paint thinner into the creek a few years back ... sadly, they never caught the fucker - similarly to your crab pot robbers, witnesses only got a partial license plate reading on the truck. If ever there were an argument in favor of reviving the practice of tarring & feathering, eh?

(p.s. to any contractors who might be reading this: by "asshole contractor", I am not trying to pass some blanket judgement on contractors - my brother-in-law's a contractor, and he's a great guy; he'd never do something so irresponsible ... I was just referring to one individual)


Man, kind of bummed out I missed this one. Can't wait till the next one!!!!!

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