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Northern Boy

Kirk, if you can eat pogie sashimi I recon you can create a dish whose centrepiece is the isopods that live on the gills of sand dabs.....


Kirk, Thanks for the really interesting information about the various local smelt. Some of these look really similar to commonly eaten fishes in Japan like Wakasagi, or Shishamo. Interestly, I just learned Wakasagi (Hypomesus nipponensis) were once introduced to the Delta and are thought to pose a risk of hybridization with the Delta Smelt.

I wonder what it would take to create a viable local market for fish like smelt? I think our attitudes towards very small fish as table fare will have to change, as well as the way they are handled after caught.

I'll be at Tsukigi fish market in Tokyo this weekend to chat with the fish mongers and take a lot of photos. Let me know if there's anything you would be interested in seeing.


Thanks for the info on smelts. We have wanted to eat lower on the fishie food chain, and we bought a small bag of night smelts from the Monterrey Bay at the Sunnyvale farmer's market today. I cut off the heads (I'm just not there yet), breaded them in cornmeal and arrowroot starch, and fried them up in ghee. They were very mild, with crunchy outsides and fairly soft interiors. Delicious! Now I want to go catch some myself. :D

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