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Northern Boy

Have you explored the culinary potential of Myliobatis californica?

Seems like it could be a winning combo for seaforger.org - go fishing, with a really good chance of actually catching one, including some good hang-on-to-your-hats-it's-off-again runs and scraps, followed by 'tastes like scallops' dinner.

You'd have to deal with those puppy dog eyes tho.


Aw man, Northern boy, I know what you're saying. I was at a spot recently doing a wind-oriented watersports thing and saw a lady hauling a big, beautiful bat ray off the beach. I've definitely taken my fair share of fish in my life, but those bat rays are just so damned cute, I don't know how anyone could kill one! I really felt sad for the poor guy.


I'm in for the goby fishing! It's quite popular in Japan... and they're delicious. Unfortunately, I don't know what it would take to gain acceptance in the local market.

Why isn't there a commercial market for jacksmelt? They're certainly plentiful. Is it because of the worms? I'm guessing they could be grilled just like pacific saury. I'll have to try it sometime.

Kirk Lombard

Yeah I know. Always used to break my heart when I worked for DFG and saw those fish so brutally abused. So anthropomorphic! It's a good idea but there's also health issues. They're loaded with toxins those guys.


Kirk, Just to let you know...you can commercially fish for sanddabs inside three miles. Outside of three mile you need VMS. Pretty sure you can even fish for sanddabs inside the RCA as long as you have to correct sanddab gear.

Kirk Lombard

Right. But try to find abundant sand dab inside three mi. And the VMS... ugh. That's taking things to a whole different level. A level that involves serious misery. Bureaucratic nightmares. Guys in blue suits (don't the feds wear blue?) busting balls constantly. What could be worse? Surely nothing.

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