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Suggested adventure #233 : catch some MFE's at Ft Baker jetty. Walk into Farley bar, order some Eagle Rare and slap those bad boy MFE's on the bar. Ask for the 'damn cook' and tell him to cook up some fritters. Convince them to make it a local sustainable organic bar appetizer. The peeps at Cavallo Pt might like that.


Maybe add crawdads to the menu?


What's the fish-wife have to say about Ms. Johnson licking yer eel like that? LOL, dude - this post alleviated my cubicle-drone blues for at least the next hour or two!

Patrick P

You are the Red Buttons of fishing. Great post Kirk.

Northern Boy

Great stuff Mr Monkeyface.


kirk i just saw an article in field and stream that was all about you and surf smelt.. your da man


Saw the article in F&S also. Want to get out of the woods and go home to SF and go fishing again. Great Blog Sold my Boston Whaler, damn

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