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Try using an ike jime technique for bleeding the pogies right when you get them out of the water & ice them down in a slurry. I'd probably want to flash freeze them for at least 24 hours to kill off any parasites. Where'd you learn to cut sashimi anyway?? Get a deba, and a good yanagi :)


Watch Itasan's videos. I've learned more about "dismantling" fish from him than anywhere else:


How do you splay mackerel (or any fish for that matter)? I tried Googling it, but all I got were a bunch of sites about "playing" with your fish.


Here's one way to do it:

The method I've used is a Japanese technique that's a little different, and makes use of a chopstick to pull the entrails out through the gills before butterflying. This way you can retain the head in on the fillet. I'll try to dig up a video.

Mark Congdon

Bay Perch, and sashimi no less? Bravo. Now you gotta do a jacksmelt post. At this point might as well, no? Didn't you tease it a while back, saying there was a "big demand" for them? Looking forward to it.

Scott Parker

Jacksmelt Sashimi sounds like something that would be featured on Fear Factor...


RE all the attention & good fortune: My own personal theory is that it didn't happen until you started in with all the sustainable whatnots & hoo-haa's. When you're fighting the good fight sometimes you get a helping hand from the universe, or Great Lawd Neptune, or all the spirits of the dead fishies, whatever it is! Whereas before, if you were anything like the typical young man, it was probably more about self-aggrandizement. Which is just a mating instinct. Looks like that worked out too. Anyway all that stuff was leading up to this, you see, it was preparation. Also it looks like you might've done a little fishing here and there?


Rolling in the Deep!!



Ice Chest Coolers

Are those pogies raw? I enjoy it old style: fish n' chips. Do you have any recipes to share?

bob a

Perch sashimi is good stuff - I've had a bunch of barred and a few red tails. Last year we also did stripers - amazing! Generally we've done the 24 hr freeze, although I've done some of the barred's while still out on the beach.

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