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Kirk, I don't remember much about the Flieshaker pool other than it's relation to the zoo, but I do remember the Sutro Baths. I (a wee lad of ten years old) was at the Cliff House with my parents the day it caught fire. I was in the restroom as smoke was pouring through the floor boards. Back at the table I told my parents about the smoke and next thing you know all hell was breaking loose. My parents raced us out the door but somehow I was left at the curb (staring at the arriving fire trucks) as the family ran for the car. Yup, I got my butt smacked for not keeping up. I remember the day well...hehe


You need to add these to your collection


Incidentally, the name "Fleischhacker" translates from German literally as "Meat hacker" - in other words, a butcher.

Yeah, those big cement ponds would've made great oyster culture facilities - not only a great source of revenue for the city, but also a decent source of employment, judging from its size: it would have definitely taken more than a couple of high school kids to pull up all the artificial reefs/grates you could fit in there ... and then think of all the shuckers and packagers you'd need!

History is rife with such missed opportunities ... but we never seem to learn from them ...

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