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Oh my lord, my ex-wife loved (loves?) Boney M. Should've been a warning sign, but I ignored it. Shocked that someone else has even heard of them.


Bivalve-wise, Young's Bay is also pretty good. I've also heard tell of Netarts Bay (or as I like to say, Retarts Bay).


Good lord, man - between Boney M and Paul Williams, you've managed to foist a true 1970s musical nightmare upon your readers! What the hell did you do - fall down the Kratt Bros. hat, and light up a bong with H.R. Puffenstuff? A lesser blog would be risking its readership with such nonsense ... thankfully, this is no lesser blog! Write on, dude ...

Eliot Wread

Welcome back Kirk good to see you posting again. Good luck with your vow of temperence it's a worthy cause but a tough one indeed.


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