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El Gnocci

Wow,,,awesome.....can't wait to read and see more.....that pic of the road looks just like the view going up over the Kohala mountains from the Waimea side...we've done that drive before...something about ancient volcanic rocks in the sea covered by green grass is simply sublime.....anyhoo.....get out here...the ulua are going off.....

cap'n chunk

Glad you're back again, Kirk. I got into the surf smelt a couple of weekends ago. Didn't have much luck deboning them using the technique I was imitating from your vid when they were really fresh. After a day or so in the fridge, it worked pretty well. Do you experience this? nice pics from the emerald isle.


That conger eel looks like a cross between a monkeyface prickleback and a dachshund, after sniffing a moderate dose of steroids! Too bad you apparently didn't have the time &/or equipment to pursue one in the prescribed manner of the locals - it looks like it would have firm, pleasantly punngent flesh. I take it they weren't offering them in the local dining establishments? I could definitely see a slab of that on a plate, next to some buttery Irish spuds, sprinkled with fresh parsley or dill, and a pint of stout for washing it down.

As for your idea about selling "Barak O'bama" t-shirts, I think that was actually done when our president visited his own ancestral village in Ireland a year or two back.

Welcome back - always good to see a new post.

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