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Dude - WTF? Birthing lessons? BIRTHING LESSONS?!?! Boy, am I ever out of the loop - obviously the herring aren't the only ones spawning in the Bay Area these days! Congratulations to you and Camilladilla both!

That said, very nice segue from fishing interest to history lesson, re Catherine the Great (for whom my mother was named, btw) and her court biologist. Only during the Age of Enlightenment does one see a portrait of a biologist decorated with medals!
I also enjoyed the Champion de la Banana video in the previous post - nothing like a large bleeding fish to bring out giggling, boyish camraderie amongst grown men, I guess ... as for the soundtrack, I wouldn't think the Greeks tire of that song any more than the Germans tire of the "Ode to Joy" chorus to Beethoven's 9th, or the Irish tire of a round of "Goodnight, Irene" on New Year's Eve ... tunes like that attain their status as classics because they simultaneously affirm both unique cultural identity and universal human spirit - in other words, an unbeatable combination. Then again, I can really only speak as a half-German on this point. Have you heard from Champion de la Banana on this issue?

cap'n chunk

Your final comment about birthing classes with the fishwife conjures some strange, piscine images. Can one assume that this i your way of announcing that you all are expecting? Or is it some kind of spawning thing or ... some other... third thing. Assuming the primary, I offer you both my congratulations. Once you have a child you wonder why you didn't have one sooner. Truly a gift (even if it seems like a white elephant gift at this juncture).

Regards, Chuck

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