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I can see a new Angry Birds game coming out soon.


This is the Wels catfish of Europe, Silurus glanis. Not sure where this clip's from, but I believe this recent pigeon-eating behavior was first observed on an urban stretch of the Arno River in Italy. This species can actually get about four or five times bigger than the ones in this clip (according to Wiki, they can reach up to 400 pounds; I am, of course, just guesstimating the size of the ones in the vid clip) ... but those bigger monsters, of course, are usually found in deeper, quieter, more rural locales, and probably prefer ducks and turtles to "squab".


i heard about this the other day. i assumed the catfish were more successful than the video shows.


Saw this on NPR....freakin' EPIC....!!! Do the evolution, baby......

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