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One of the benefits of fatherhood is that you can blame embarrassing statements/actions/omissions/commissions on daddy-brain. Tends not to get much sympathy from mothers, tho.

Stephen and Ann

I have the nightsmelt itch and I've yet to ever catch one! Thanks again for your informative posts!


Brother, I think that you will look good fishing with a Baby-bjorn strapped to your chest, and I don't think an infant will cramp your style too much if you're using a pole. May not be able to throw a smelt net into the surf tho. That could be hazardous. Unless of your young 'un is born with gills - which he may be. It's when they start running around that the fun (and trouble) begins. -Sister.

Matt Michie

Hey Kirk,
Zack Mitchell (current black perch record holder) is a Santa Cruz local that has the perch fishery dialed in. Check out this article http://www.wonews.com/t-OntheSpotFeature-BillKarr-surfperchsantaCruz-031209.aspx
He pushed me out of first place that year in the Monterey Bay's Sandcrab classic perch derby.


Are those Pacific Sanddab? They look kinda small. But good to hear of a dab run finally arriving; a lot of people have been waiting.

Did you get that perch action inside or outside the bay? I've been seeing reports of good perch bites up and down the coast but have failed miserably. Sounds like I need to switch to variants of shrimp inside the bay to really have a good shot.

Thanks for the update!

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