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D.A. Sherwood

The Keens wear the badge of toil and suffering. Sounds like a great time.

Magnolia Vahey

Awesomeness -- definitely! I witnessed it for about an hour along with colleagues from GANDA while on lunch break adventure to Agua Vista last Wednesday. You spoke to our gang and gave us some biz cards. I'm glad now to be reading an update. I've been thinking of those fishies...and wondering how it's going/gone in the Bay. And next year I'll allot time for the spawn so that I can be there more. And net some of my own! -- gotta try the pickling. Thank you for the news (photos and homage) here Kirk.

kirk lombard

Hi Magnolia. Nice to see you guys out there. Glad you visited. Stay in touch!

Stephen A.

Prophetic fish scripture. Love it. Amen!

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