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Let the games begin! This kid will be fishy from the word go. Check for gills behind the ears.

Scott P

Huzzah! Congratulations! Take the full measure of great happiness in your good fortune. My you see a father's love reflected in his every smile, a mother's joy in his every burbling laugh, and may your lives be filled with quiet pride as you see him grow into the man he will become. No better wish can I have for you than that you and yours enjoy the fullest measure of life's most profound rapture through all your days... May blessings fall on your hearth, home, and family and your threshold only be shadowed by those with love in their hearts.


A HUGE congratulations Kirk and FishWife....now the real adventure begins...enjoy


Congratulations to you & Camilladilla both, and welcome to parenthood.


Awwwww, thanks for posting. How sweet! And on a waggish note, might I point out that, looking at his face, there is absolutely no doubt that you were indeed there at the conception? (I heard that somewhere....sounds like a Dangerfield line?)

Isa Dolan

Congratulations Kirk! Good name. All the best.

Northern Boy

Congratulations, see you in a few years!


Congratulations Lombardians! Cycle of life...

George Nicholson

Great name for a Giants closer --- Django strikes out the side....

Congratulations to you and your wife. Only know you through the blog, Kirk, but I sense that you'll be a great dad and both of you wonderful parents.

david k

congratulations to all tree of you


Congrats, buddy. They grow up quick so enjoy every day. And the chocolate pudding poops get easier to clean up in a few weeks. Love the name but why didn't you give him the middle name of "Unchained"?

Fish Elvis

Oh hey! Congratulations.

Brett Reeder

Congratulations, he's a real keeper!


9 pounder! jeezum, you should have called him Kraken.
congratulations, my good man. welcome to parenthood indeed.


Aha Pisces unite! Congrats Kirk and Fishwife! Time to pass out the cigars!


Yeah! Congratulations- that's one lucky kid to be born into such a musical, fishy family!

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