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BKM Chief Don von Sharkmeister

about an hour into dipping I checked the receiving nipple of "Surf Stryker"and was disappointed to see I had not fared nearly as well as the other 3 madmen on the beach. How could this be? I thought I was doing pretty well. It seemed I had made a number of scoops of 10, 15 and 20 fish, but no, there were very few in the bag. So I ask the all knowing LOTI if it were possible that there may be a hole in the net. After a quick inspection by LOTI I was assured that, no, there was no hole in the net and was told that the simple, obvious reason I was doing so poorly is that I suck. this seemed plausible so I went back to it determined not to be outdone by my fellow saltmuffins.

The smelting picked up a tad and we were all doing well, but an hour later, just before we were to leave I checked the nipple again. My heart sunk. Hardly a handful of fish in it. This time I checked the net myself. The hard reality is that with a grapefruit sized hole at the bottom of the receiving nipple there is little chance of retaining your catch.

Right there a new sport was pioneered. Catch and release night smelt!

Obviously my idea of a good time is standing up to my waist in the freezing surf in the driving rain at night with a few friends is my idea of a good time.

Luckily for me my comrades have communist leanings so I didn't go home empty handed.

Thank you comrades. Kirk, you are a cruel benevolent dictator.


Sweet, I need to hit the shore again soon. Thanks for the heads up

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