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OK, everyone. Here's the on-site report from the TEDx conference for those who missed it. I had no idea what this event was all about before heading into the conference auditorium. Basically, this TEDx was a forum for all kinds of speakers to talk about their thoughts on various Earth-friendly, green or socially responsible topics - everything from the value of a seed bank to how to reduce your usage of paper towels. I sat in on the discussions of 4 or 5 speakers ahead of Kirk. Although it was obvious the speakers were passionate about their subject matter, all were kind of snoozily presented. The audience of about 300 people offered polite applause following each presentation.

Now let me tell you about our esteemed Monkeyface News presenter's talk. From the moment he walked on stage, the audience perked up. As the boss very entertainingly discuss the virtues a small fishes, he had everyone cracking up and actually paying attention. Although I do have to say there were a few "ewwws" & "yucks" from the PETA-types in the room as Kirk displayed how to debone a sardine (which was produced from his back pocket!).

The presentation was wrapped up by a rousing rendition of "Shoals of Herrings" performed by Kirk, the Fishwife and special guest, Baby Django. The first of many times that kid is going to get dragged up on stage, I'm sure! Lots of foot-stomping & clapping during the performance, followed by an honest-to-goodness standing ovation. I know everyone would have loved a curtain call, but the conference was running late and they needed to move on to the next speaker (who had a really tough act to follow!).

Great job, Kirk!

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